April '17

Big big month of April...starting with some Biggest loser, then the Davis cup, Super rugby, commerical work for Honda, "Healthy Homes" on Ten, a couple of Drone shoots of Brisbane and then a week shooting on the "Jim Jeffries" show in Brisbane, Cairns and Port Douglas.


March '17

Biggest news for March, i am now a CASA certified drone pilot. The official term is an RePL license for RPA flying, but we all know them as drones. Many advantages over non-registered "flyers" with where i can fly, how i can fly, when i can fly...and of course being offically trained, assesed and of course being licensed and insured. Also this month a great shoot in central Queensland for a week in the town of 1770, great shoot with great crew in a great location!


February '17

Some small advertising promotions started off february followed by a weeks shoot in Sydney and a quick few days as well in New Zealand filled out February. Busy as always and the time in NZ was perfectly placed to beat the major heatwave hitting's a cinematographers paradise!


January '17

After a considerbaly well earned family holiday therre was only time for a little work towards the latter parts of January where some more Big Bash cricket and A-league filled some days, and another quick episode for "House Hunters International".


November-December '16

Back into some more "House Hunters International" episodes all over the country from WA to QLD then up into the Daintree rainforest in far north QLD. Towards the end of the month it was a mixture of days picking up on "Married at first sight", a documenatry series on SBS to be aired in 2017 called "The Mosque" and followed out with some local advertising in Brisbane. Big Bash T20 cricket also started after christmas and being a cricket "nut" i was happy again to be on board the Brisbane Heat matches at the Gabba for Netwrok 10.


August-Sept-Oct '16 

A long long time away from home over these three months with me DP'ing a very successful series in South East Asia based in Malaysia..."The Apartment" series 5. Much akin to "The Block" here in Australia but 100% interior design. Challenging but fun, and a long time from home.


July '16

After a week in NZ for a little RNR with the family it was back into it with a "House Hunters" episode in Brisbane...great to work in my hometown for a change this year:) Followed by some filming for Disney, Jimoin, advertising for BUPA...busy month again!


June '16

This month was almost entirely filled with a big job for Tourism Northern Territory with the Aussie cricket legend Mathew Hayden. Filming and travelling through some of the biggest highlights of the Aussie outback it was a long, hot and freezing and certainly dusty job but one of the highlights so far in 2016.


May '16

While filming yet more "House Hunter" episodes and some advertising around Queensland, a smaller job in Adelaide and some long lens broadcast work on "Super Rugby" for Fox Sports, the highlight was a shoot in London with Sir Bob Geldoff (nice chap) at the National Geographic society!


March/April '16

More filming for "House Hunters" in WA and in Singapore, some rare work in my hometown of Brisbane for a bit of advertising and back interstate again filming with Kitty Flanagan in Canberra.


December/January '15/'16

The season for Big Bash cricket, gotta love working the business end of a 86:1 lens chasing a white ball around a big field...great fun. Other work from more "House Hunters" and a shoot in Sydney for the Umbilical Brothers new show and tv special.


November '16

A big assortment during November with starting off the shooting of a new kids show for Channel Ten called "Crocamole", down to another series of "I'm a celebrity get me outta here", off to Perth for another episode of "House Hunters International" for another week...then up to Cairns for some specialised high speed ultra macro filming of bugs for a new ABC series on, well, bugs:)


September/October '15

Started with a week long shoot in Broome WA, followed by filming fishing promo's with Mathew Hayden in Darwin, a trip to Canberra and then back to Singapore for a week on the finale of Fit For Fashion S2 during Fasion week.


July & August '15

These entire months i spent DP'ing a 10 episode series on the island of Bintan just off the Singapore coast. This is series 2 of this challenge/fashion tv show and consisted of eight cameras with crew around the 150 mark. Trying conditions in sweltering south east asian heat but we pulled off a great looking series and can't wait to see the result broadcast later this year.


June '15

Fiji here i come! A whole week of location filming on this lovely archipeligo of islands...Bula! After the start of the month in Fiji i ended up filming from the Margaret River in WA to Melbourne, then Hong Kong for little advertising then over to Singapore for a reccie...crasy times but the frequent flyer points are adding up:) 


May '15

More "Hot Plate", "The Batchelor", "House Hunters" and some Rugby for Fox Sports...very busy month.


April '15

Huge variety this month from commericials and a little corporate advertisiing to some local Brisbane "Hot Plate". Can't forget House Hunters International too!


February '15

A month shooting multiple episodes in Australia for "House Hunters International". Followed by country music promos with various artists including James Blundell. Then to add...some shooting for "The Batchelor".


January '15

Into the new year with a bang with a little promo & advertising filming for ARIA restaurant in Brisbane! This time of the year there's plenty of T20 Big Bash cricket so i was all over the place filming multiple matches. But the majority of January was taken up with the AFC Asian Cup. I was booked to operate the ultra motion 400+fps NAC camera for live replays and highlight/promo material i had a lot of fun swinging the 80X HD broadcast lens around Suncorp Stadium:) It's a hard task but nailing some great ECU shots of goals from the likes of Timmy was definatley worth it:)


November '14

It was that time of year again for working on "I'm a Celebrity get me outta here" UK just keeps on going year after year! More shooting for "House Hunters International" all over Australia, some specialised warfare simulation filming for the ADF and of course...the live Big Brother finale.


October '14

All over a variety of genre's this month. TVC's and advertising campaigns for a number of clients from Betta Electrical to Pillowtalk, Promo shooting for the Gold Coast V8's, another epsiode for "House Hunters International" and live broadcast TV for FOX Sports Rubgy & Cricket as well as Channel Ten's Big Brother evictions.


September '14

This month was dominated by a unique 12 day shoot for Virgin Australia and their new advertising campaing set to launch in Australia shortly. A pure time-lapse and stop motion shoot it was great to break away into something a little different and let creativity take a different turn.


August '14

Commerical shoots in Melbourne and Brisbane and then a big shoot on "Off the grid"...a US based travel show and for this episode we went to Fiji for 9 days. Also picked up the stunning new Sony A7S camera, absolutely setting a new benchmark in the ever growing world of full frame "dslr's" certainly has a leg up on the GH4 and old 5Dmk3.


July '14

Busy month with a commerical shoot in London and Oxford, then a an episode of "House Hunters International" back home in Queensland followed by the first day and prep for the "Off the Grid" series...something that's taking me to Fiji next month!


June '14

After 6 weeks in Europe and the UK on holidays it's time to get back on the work wagon, somewhat regretfully...could have stayed on holidays in the Norwegian Fjords forever! But what a way to start work again but with some new gear. The brand new EPIC DRAGON has finally arrived into my ever growing list of gear and also a new wireless directors monitor kit. Another episode of House Hunters International started the month and then the first block of principal photogrpahy on a large series of short documentary films for Beyond Blue.


April '14

A short working month this April as i head off on 6 weeks European holiday with the family...excited, just a little:) But a quick weeks shoot in Perth on House Hunters International on the C300 to kick things off.


March '14

It's back! The International EMMY and AACTA award winning "The Amazing Race Australia"!! I was away all month jetting around the globe, more than once, filming this crazy series again (my third) for the Seven Network. Stay tuned for the ultimate of reality/travel show airing later this year...very pumped to have been the only Aussie team-running cameraman from beginning to end of this juggernaught! My knees don't like me now though...


Jan-Feb '14

And here comes 2014! Sport always gets the year going on OB's with Tennis, cricket, A-league and this time...the LFL! Also started shooting for a new client on "House Hunters International". Big day out reared up so i was off shooting again for MTV. Some corporate advertising for Virgin Airlines Australia, and a few commericals for clients such as Shine.


Sept-Dec '13

Interesting few months with everything from a music video to comedy specials for the Umbilical brothers, Akmal Saleh & Arj Barker amongst others. Lots of sport OB's as usual and of course some reality with the return of "I'm a celebrity get me outta here".


August '13

Promo's for Big Brother, Kids Discovey channel, Coles, Red Bull racing and some commericals for Suzuki motorcycles.


July '13

Splendour...what can i say...a few days of hanging with the artists in the MTV studio!


June '13

Commericals, promo's, more commericals, more promo's...and some good fun sport OB's. These couple of months dominated with the new advetising/promo blitz for a few clients from ITP through to Big Brother. Lots of RED EPIC action and some 86:1 long lens outside broadcast action on the Brittish Lions Rugby tour and Super Rugby!


April '13

What a crazy couple of months this has been, and as ever a huge range of varying genre's to keep me busy. Commericals, sports, promo's and comedy specials on OneHD all over the country...just busy times!


February '13

A particuarly busy start to the year with a number of different shoots all over the country. A new television commerical campaign for BRP shot in western NSW near Dubbo and the US agency MAKE. Carl Barrons 'Live at the Palais' in Melbourne, sports production (one of my favorites) up and down the east Coast...and more locally some corporate advertising for Virgin Airlines and a 10 episode educational series on the Gold Coast in conjunction with the Gold Coast Rail link.


November '12

The start of the month was spent shooting for "I'm a celebrity get me outta here" series 12 on my new XDCAM. The middle of the month i was tied up with some advertising for Stuartholme for their 2013 new advertising campaign. At the end of the month i was in Sydney shooting Hi-5's new cast members and a special televsion program and promo's for the new team. Exciting month!


August-October '12

A long period of shooting various jobs over various genres from advertising to Sports, a big long stint away again with the Australian Army and their big toys. There was even time in there for some casual work as a Senior camera operator on Big Brother for it's highly successful resurgence. Gotta love mixing up the genre's and keeping it interesting:)


July '12

A two week family holiday skiiin in NZ...what can one say:) But the end of the month i was back at work with a few Sports OB's and some shooting for MTV over a number of days at Splendour! Nice!!


June '12

An assortment of jobs this month, the usual for any freelancer. Commericals and sports programming made up the early part of the month, then the start of a series for ABC3. Appointed as DOP for a multiple series of short pieces around the state of QLD with host Amberley Lobo...a great time had by all!


April '12

The definite highlight of this month was the beginning of a two week shoot with the Australian Army before there next taskforce heads to Afghanistan. An extremely immersive experience embedded with the military in North Queenslands outback as they simulate and intense array of exercises 24hrs a day.


March '12

TVC's and Sport filling the calendar this month. A new series of TVC's for Southbank Institute of Technology shot on the EPIC and travelling the country for FOX Sports again on a number of different jobs. 


February '12 

It's been a very very busy start to the new year with shoots all over the country from Darwin to Hobart! TVC's, Sports and Docco work keeping me busy along with the arrival of a brand new set of ZEISS Compact Primes (CP2's) and a SONY 17" OLED monitor. But one of the biggest news events to hit the stands is that the short film i DP'd "Photobooth" has picked up third place in Tropfest 2012! Hope Nicole, Cate and Mr Rush enjoyed watching it:)


November '11

This month and stretching into December i was around the world again shooting the second series of 'The Amazing Race Australia' for the Seven Network. Airing in 2012 this series travelled further and farther pushing both myself and the XDCAM800 strapped to me like an extra limb to the extremes once again. This is undoubtedly the most intense travel & adventure/reality production around!


October '11

A big variety of genre's and clients this month from short films to tvc's, corporate, sport and comedy finishing in the 'Fairies' christmas special. A feature length National Cinema release at Event Cinemas on multiple RED EPIC cameras.


September '11

A week in the outback of Western Australia shooting some documentary pieces on Gold. A mixture of ancient gold fields to superpits, underground mines to salt lakes...a great week in the bush! A little bit of shooting some i/v's on the set of 'Mental' and a great story for NBC as part of a new documentary series set to start airing in the US rounded out the month nicely with a few smaller shoots around the south east.


August '11

Started and completed principal photography as DOP on feature film 'Phoenix Rising' shot on the Gold Coast with my F3. 


July '11

Very busy month this July with a lot of shoots interstate...Sydney is becoming my second home! Some high profile advertising for APPLE, music video clips for PNAU, a few commercials, some corporate and International Rugby in Sydney for FOX Sports. A big mix of genre's but i wouldn't have it any other way!


June '11

A mixture of work this month with a definite highlight being a small commercial spot with Jennifer Coolidge and Svedka Vodka shooting on my Sony F3. Also just received a new PRORES recorder for the F3 which attaches directly to the camera to take advantage of the 4:2:2 output and bypassing the onboard compression to record Prores HQ files.


May '11

Shooting in Sydney and Melbourne this month on a variety of different jobs for clients including APPLE and a spot on the ipad2..shot on RED! Also a number of other jobs from Sports to Corporate and commercial shooting on my new Sony F3.


April '11

Have taken most of this month off as i enjoy the arrival of my third child. But still had enough time to buy a new Sony F3 camcorder! Available with either my PL glass or a set of Nikon primes and zooms. My own test footage is coming soon but here's a link to Sony'


March '11

Busy month of comprising of TVC, corporate and educational shoots. And good reliable sport OB work keeping me very busy again this month. It just doesn't seem to slow.


February '11

A very busy month yet again which seems to be the norm at the moment. Shoots in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth this month on a variety of genres from Comedy to Sport, TVC, Children's TV, corporate and some EPK on Foxtel's new SLiDE drama currently being shot in Brisbane and some more Prank Patrol for the ABC. Not expecting work to slow in March...which is always nice.


January '11

A great start to the year with multiple sports productions and a week in the Solomon Islands on a shoot. To finish out the month a start on the next ABC series of Prank Patrol.


November '10

MASSIVE month this entire November! I spent the entire month shooting Australia's first ever series of 'The Amazing Race'. What an incredibly challenging, difficult, exhausting yet rewarding and amazing production to work on, a definite highlight in my career. The hugely successful multi award travel adventure production is due to air on Seven early 2011.


October '10

Busy month again in October from Sports OB's to tvc's and corporate production. Even a day teaching Griffith Film school students on the RED One Camera system. 


September '10

Started shooting for 'Terranova' this month on the Gold Coast, early days yet but things are certainly picking up speed.

An assortment of tvc's and OB's scattered throughout the month with a lot of pre-production for jobs throughout the rest of the year.

Upgraded my stills camera kit to the Canon 5D MK2. New 'L' series lenses and a few other bits and pieces. 

Final pruchase for the month was a Steadicam Merlin for some slick lightweight moves on lightweight gear for a couple of jobs flowing throughout this month and next.


August '10

August saw in a variety of work with more TVC's for Sizzler and Suzuki Motorcycles and a series of TVC's projected for the upcoming Junior Masterchef series. 

There was of course Outside Broadcast work throughout the month consisting of NRL and the A-League, and the usual corporate work bobbing it's head up here and there.

I also was brought in as a DOP Supervisor for the 'Black Pearls' drama program. A course for Indigenous Australians endeavouring to work in the Film and Television market. An interesting and challenging few films but all in all a nice result and some students getting a good insight in the industry.


June '10

Busy month of June with a series of TVC's for 'Sizzler' shot on the new MX RED. As well as series of International TVC's for 'Bank of the South Pacific' airing throughout the region from Papua New Guinea to Fiji. 

A mix of promo's and corporate production as well this month with shoots in Sydney and Queensland.

Who can forget the Wallabies were in town and i was working the host broadcast on my sport. 


April '10

No NAB trip this year as production has finally started for series 4 & 5 of "Escape from Scorpian Island". The BBC/ABC joint production produced by Freehand will be shooting for the month of April in the Gold Coast Mountains. It's great to see the production back and hopefully we can make these two series another success!

New gear...a new i7 Macbook Pro for onsite data management and rushes, loading up shortly with Final Cut Pro and with the usual software packages for secure data handling and viewing.

Deposit paid for the new EPIC camera system from Red. I'll be keeping and upgrading to the MX sensor in my current Red One as well. I will then have two Red Camera kits when the Epic does arrive, both with the same MX sensor for combining two camera shoots seamlessly. 


March '10

The toys just don't stop new van has finally arrived after a long wait. Seating up to six and carrying a load of goodies in the back, i can finally fit all my camera, lighting and grip equipment into one space rather than converting the wagon into a cargo 'ship'. 

A full kit of Red Pro Primes are now available with my Red One Camera kit. 


February '10

A hectic start to the new year with Surf Patrol keeping me busy for 4 months over the summer and a host of corporate and sporting programs being shot in Queensland. February finished nicely with "Daimon', a trailer for a feature film funding proposal.


December 09

It's an ARRI month to round out 2009. A new lightweight mattebox, FF4 follow focus and baseplate/dovetail mount for my Red One are early christmas presents. Miller also got on board with a new 150mm high hat.


November 09

GOLD!...thank you ACS with this award for my work on Surf Patrol earlier this year. My first year of joining the ACS after 16 years behind the lens and i receive a Gold Award. Needless to say i am pretty happy about this.

Surf Patrol has started filming again on series four. Great to be back on the beach, how many jobs are there were you can wear board shorts and no shoes all day.

" I'm a celebrity get me outta here " UK series nine has commenced filming on the North Coast of NSW. This will now be my sixth season with the production. 


September 09

Busy start to the month with a shoot in PNG on Simberi Island, the most remote part of PNG.

World triathlon hits the Gold Coast for the first time in 18 years, i was covering the event from beginning to end.

A series of TVC's for Springfree Trampolines shot on RED, airing shortly.

Short film 'DEAD CREEK' was delivered. Footage and stills will be available on my website shortly.

Tri-Nations Rugby, A-League and NRL is on this month, i was working on the host broadcast of these matches.

The remainder of the month looks good with a mixture of corporate and broadcast work booked in.


August 09

Not too much on this month, mainly to the fact i was at the snow on holidays in NZ with the family for a few weeks.

Editing and Grading commenced on PFTC short film 'Dead Creek' shot on RED.

End of the month there was a mixture of Corporate, A-league and NRL to fill out the calendar month.


July 09

Returned home from Costa Rica filming the reality show " I'm a celebrity get me outta here " USA series one. Plus a couple of days in LA picking up some new gear, a 7inch HD Marshall monitor is now included with my kits.

Pre-production then filming on PFTC short film 'DEAD CREEK' got under way. Filmed on my own RED camera and in the depths of Springbrook National Park, it is an aboriginal supernatural thriller approximately 10 minutes duration. Most of the crew have now forgiven me for getting them to carry generators and jibs up and down the mountainside each day. 

'Surf Patrol' series 3 starts airing. I worked from beginning to end on this observational documentary for the Seven Network filmed over summer. Every weekend for four months on the beach, no shoes and board shorts...some jobs are harder than others!

And finally some tourism shooting on the Gold Coast for an American production companies travel show.


June 09

" I'm a celebrity get me outta here " USA series one. Filmed entirely on location in Costa Rica, i spent the month working in the jungle fighting off Howler Monkeys and wet season storms...great for the gear.


May 09

Two USQ tvc's for Bigfish shot on RED. Link to tvc is on my website now.

My new 18-85 RED PRO zoom lens has finally arrived. This lens is slick and in no way be compared to RED's budget zoom lenses.

Corporate and Super 14 Rugby shoots, then off to Costa Rica for the last two weeks for some reality television in the jungle.


April 09

The final shoot days of 'Surf Patrol' this month over Easter, it has been a long shoot but very rewarding.

Corporate and Outside Broadcasts are on as usual.

ANZAC day and around this time is always busy and this year was no different. Multiple shoots and of course live coverage for Seven on the Day.

Short fim 'Instead of Breakfast' shot on RED this month. Pre-dawn starts on the Gold Coast.

New dolly purchased... the 'Digidolly'. A lightweight system with 4m of track, stand on plate and low-mount. It's the most robust and smooth lightweight dolly system i have ever used.


March 09

Purchased a new camera kit, SONY XDCAM EX3. This camera is simply amazing for such a small unit. 1/2inch chips but shoots 1080p and overcranks to 60fps all to solid state cards. I went a bit overboard with this kit and its accessories but it is a great kit with mattebox, filters, radio and shotgun mics, miles of battery and storage. It is ideally suited for corporate, documentary type of work but is commonly used in all aspects of film and television acquisition...the pictures are that nice. 

Surf Patrol continues to shoot every weekend keeping me busy. Love the beach.

Also music concerts and comedy shows this month, a nice change.

And of course a couple of different corporate shoots to round out the month...busy month as usual